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OceanML accepted into the Hunter Hub Summer Accelerator

The Hun

The Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking is a community hub for activities that will support entrepreneurial student experiences, enable faculty to lead in innovation and expand a growing community of entrepreneurial and innovative thinkers.

The Summer Accelerator at UCalgary is designed to help promising startups in the UCalgary community continue to build and develop their startup. This program will offer funding and resources to support early-stage entrepreneurs and leverage resources within the UCalgary ecosystem. The objective for this program is for startups to validate their business as a viable business and be able to definitively make the go, no go decision to continue with their venture. The program will run for 12 weeks from June 5, 2023 to August 25, 2023.

As a participant, you will receive a monthly stipend of $3,000, plus the opportunity for an additional $150,000 in funding.

You will also gain exclusive access to the Hunter Hub, the Innovation Sandbox, the UCalgary innovation ecosystem, local startup networks, and the Venture Backbone program. Participants will also have access to a wide range of resources such as lawyers, accountants, potential investors, and more.

Progress through the program will be based on milestones. At the beginning of the program, teams will provide a plan of objectives and milestones to be completed by the end of the program.

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